About Me

Hello, my name is Stephen Berei and I live in Zephyr Cove, Nevada.  I grew up skiing and camping on the East Coast with my sister, who is two years older than me.  The outdoors have been in my life ever since I started on skis at the age of two, and yes I could barely stand then, but on skis that didn’t seem to stop me.  My sister and I were never allowed to watch television or play video games as children and so in that respect I hold my parents accountable for my love of the outdoors.  No regrets there.

I currently work for a financial software company as a project and account manager.  My main purpose in that role is to educate and coach our customers about our products to make their lives easier.  I spent several years working in finance on the East Coast before moving to the West Coast to a place many people desire to live, Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe is a place of amazing beauty, with just about any type of outdoor activity you are looking for.  The opportunities to find that untouched backcountry powder, or those heroic hits of that boulder mountain biking, or if you’re just in it for a good hike or view at the beach, Tahoe can show you all of them in one day.

My blog intends to educate you on those activities, along with the equipment you may need and stores where you can find that equipment.  If you have the desire to find and fulfill those epic dreams, you will surely want to read on as I continue to post.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Stephen I will be in Lake Tahoe of the Ironman, will you be there? Looking for a great shop to host a “Ask the Ironman Expert” Q&A plus book signing which shop do you advise. See you at the Races! 35 x Ironman Finisher. Author of The Complete Book of Triathlon Training & competitor of 1,000 + races world wide.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    I wanted to say your blogs on the area seem great, and the one I noticed and went to came up in a search for places I could take my dogs to swim, and looked at Spooner Lake. The pics of your dog running on the beach were great, and it didn’t occur to me that I didn’t see a pic of her in the water. I have my nieces lab that needs some swim therapy, and after driving 45 minutes or so thinking this would be a great place to let him swim, I was dissapointed to find out there are leaches in the water, and have been for 30 years. I couldn’t even take him close to it because he would want to swim. The trails are lovely, but I wish this would have been mentioned. It would have saved a trip and I could have taken him elsewhere on my day off.

    • Hi Tracy, I’m so sorry for long travel and disappointment. I actually didn’t know myself there were leeches in the water. I’ve had Jill playing in the water before and we haven’t had any issues. I will add this to the post. Thanks again and I apologize again this wasn’t included. -Steve

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