Rahlves’ Banzai Tour at Kirkwood – A wild race!

Ralhves Banzai - Granite Rocx - Kirkwood

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The Rahlves’ Banzai race will get your adrenaline pumping whether you are racing or not!  Kirkwood Ski Resort is the second stop in a three stop tour this year in 2015.  There are four racers at a time and they take it to the max level as they race down an open course where big mountain meets ski/boarder cross style.  This is the races fifth season and it’s just blowing up with excellent competition and exciting athletes.  There is an open entry, 18 years of age or older so anyone can register!  Below is a short video showing the stops for 2015.

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Daron Rahlves is one of the most decorated American Downhill and Super G male ski racers in history.  He started the Rahlves Banzai Tour in 2011, bringing an amazing event to Lake Tahoe.

We left early on the first day to get some skiing in prior to catching the race at Kirkwood.  There are two days where the first one is Qualifying and the second is the Finals.  We scoped out the course while skiing in the morning, which consisted of no groomed sections, but moguls, transitions, gulleys, and overall just insane terrain.  That is what the Banzai is all about!  Below are some pictures of the start, course, and finish line.

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

After skiing, we stopped at the car and I grabbed my Granite Rocx Tahoe Cooler with some drinks.  We went back on the mountain and posted up at a great spot just prior to snow sake gulley, which made for some seriously exciting action.  We watched Qualifiers as competitors caught some serious air, took some nice spills and faceplants, and raced with insane speeds up to 64 miles per hour.  Below are a few additional pictures.

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

Granite Rocx - Kirkwood - Outdoors

To get to Kirkwood from South Lake Tahoe, drive towards the “Y”.  Make a left at the “Y” and go towards Meyers.  Make a left on Highway 89 or Luther Pass Highway.  Continue until you reach the “T” and make a right onto Highway 88 or Carson Pass Highway.  Follow this past Caples Lake and Kirkwood will be on your left.

The final stop is at Sugar Bowl on March 14-15, 2015.  If you’re looking for excitement and some serious exhilaration, get to the race.  To get to Sugar Bowl from South Lake Tahoe, take Highway 50 towards the “Y”.  Make a right onto Highway 89 North.  Follow that up past Emerald Bay and along the west shore.  Make a left onto Interstate 80 West.  Take the Donner Pass Rd. exit from I-80 West and then turn left onto Sugar Bowl Rd.  Follow signs to Sugar Bowl.  Hope to see you there!  If you plan on going or have watched the first two stops, make a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!

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