Awesome campsite, spectacular lake, yes please – Silver Lake Campground

My first experience camping at Silver Lake Campground was pretty amazing as I had never even been to the lake before.  It for sure surpassed my expectations.  Silver Lake is just past Kirkwood in Alpine County.   There are tons of activities that I’ll discuss a bit later to do at the lake.  You can also access the Silver Fork of the American River from the lake and campground.  Silver Lake lies at an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level.

Silver Lake CampgroundMy girlfriend Mariel, our dog, Jillian and I drove down to the campground after work around 5pm on Friday evening getting us to our site around 6:15pm.  I made reservations for the site a few days prior.  Once we got to the site we set up camp.  I brought my Coleman grill and the site was set in a perfect location with the picnic table, fire pit, bear box and place for our tent all set in ideal locations as well.  The bear box was super convenient.  If you need any camping equipment, try Tahoe Mountain Sports.  Below are a few pictures.

Silver Lake Campground

Silver Lake Campground

After setting up camp we decided to take a stroll.  We first went to the Lodge and General Store.  It’s a cute little part of the campground.  Mariel went to the General Store and bought a few snacks for appetizers prior to dinner.  Then we walked down the water where I brought my new Granite Rocx backpack and hung in a small beach area where Jillian released some of the crazy energy she always seems to have.  I brought my fishing pole, but decided to leave the fish slaying alone for the evening.  I did see several boats on the water and people fishing from the shore, however.  Check out more pictures!

Silver Lake Camping

Silver Lake Camping

Silver Lake Camping

Silver Lake Campground

Silver Lake Campground

Silver Lake Campground

We decided to head back to the campsite and enjoy some snacks, brats and corn.  I fired up the grill; we made a beautiful fire and just chilled for the evening.  What an awesome night in a gorgeous place.

We woke up early and decided to go to for a hike to Margaret Lake.  We drove a short distance back towards Kirkwood to the Margaret Lake Trailhead.  Be sure to read my next post about this hike!!  After the hike we caught an early lunch at the Kirkwood Inn.  I love this place!  If you’re in the area, be sure to try out this rustic restaurant.

The campsites at Silver Lake are set up in a very convenient manner.  The campground itself is quite large with 62 sites, a Lodge, General Store and so many activities such as fishing, boating and hiking.  There is a fee as for two of us with a tent we paid $30 for one night.  I would suggest making reservations as it seems like Silver Lake is quite popular.

Silver Lake is very easy to get to.  From South Lake Tahoe, drive towards the “Y”.  Make a left at the “Y” and go towards Meyers.  Make a left on Highway 89 or Luther Pass Highway.  Continue until you reach the “T” and make a right onto Highway 88 or Carson Pass Highway.  Follow this past Caples Lake and past Kirkwood in Alpine County.  Not too far after Kirkwood, make a left into Silver Lake East or right into Silver Lake West Campgrounds, depending on which one you are staying at.  Find your site and enjoy!

Although we only stayed one night, it was super fun!  I would highly recommend spending a night, two nights or even a week if you have the time at Silver Lake Campground.  Have you camped at Silver Lake Campground?  Leave a comment below!  Also follow me on twitter @sberei.


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