The secrets of the potholes near Tahoe – a few revealed

Have you been to the potholes?!  Have you ever even heard of the potholes?! If not, you’re really missing out on an amazing natural place.  I was first introduced to the potholes last summer, but never had the chance to actually go.  This year was different.  I took every opportunity I’ve had so far to get there.  The potholes are natural holes of water originating from a lake and flowing through a stream.  I’ll leave the location to be desired for now…I’m sorry!  Most of this post is going to be pictures so here are a few to start with!

The Potholes

The Potholes

The Potholes

The PotholesI was there a few weeks ago when my sister and dad came out to visit.  We left later in the afternoon to avoid the crowds and avoid them we did.  There literally was no one there.  Once you reach parking, you’ll hike back a little less than a mile to where the potholes start in the flowing stream.  They continue down until a waterfall leaves the rest of the stream unreachable.  Some are extremely deep.  You can pencil jump in some sections and never even touch the bottom.  There is also one hole where you can swim underneath the rocks.  No thanks!   There are some smooth rock slides that can make the day even more fun.  The activities are endless.  You can rock jump if you’re interested or just sunbathe by laying out on the rocks.  Enjoy some lunch, a few drinks and have a great time.  That’s what we did!  It’s a great place to bring your new Granite Rocx backpack and cooler!  Here are some more awesome pictures!

The Potholes

The Potholes

The Potholes

You might as well bring some water shoes or river sandals if your feet aren’t used to the rocks.  Get a pair from Tahoe Mountain Sports in the north shore!  Ask around and you’ll find out more about the potholes.  Get yourself over there and enjoy the beautiful Sierra Mountains, sun and water.  If you’ve been to the potholes make a comment below!  Also follow me on twitter @sberei!


10 thoughts on “The secrets of the potholes near Tahoe – a few revealed

  1. Thanks for sharing Eric! There is one pothole you can go underneath the waterfall, but it’s only a 5 foot waterfall. I guess it depends what time of year you go too because sometimes the water is running faster and higher than others. You can swim in the few potholes prior to the last waterfall though which is decent size. Where you see myself slide in above is probably the last pothole before that waterfall. We’re going next Sunday too. Maybe I can get you more photos.

  2. One of my favorite places!!! Beautiful and even though it’s next to a camp ground no one really knows about it! I’m heading there today and hope that there will be water since we have received so little rain!! But the beauty will always be there!

    • I would assume so, but I’m not really sure. If the RV is larger, it may not fit in the parking area as it’s pretty small, but I’m sure you can find other places to park the RV near by. Thanks!

  3. I would love to visit the potholes on June 7th (2017). I believe California got more rain this winter than in the recent past and I was wondering if the potholes would even be visible or if the water level is too high to safely use the pothole area (for exploring and climbing around). Anyone know? 🙂

    • Hey Lara! Thanks for your comment. We definitely got lots of snow this winter so there’s probably going to be a lot of run-off. I imagine the water is high right now, but most likely it’s still okay to go exploring. I haven’t been for sure though. If I make a trip down there I’ll let you know what I find.

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