Tahoe Mountain Sports teams up with the TRTA for a great hike!

Mount Rose Trailhead

What a great event this past weekend!  Tahoe Mountains Sports in the North Shore teamed up with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association to put on a backpack demo hike.  The local representative from Deuter Backpacks, Bill was present as well as the owner of TMS, Dave Polivy.  All participants were able to demo and test the Deuter backpacks on a little under a 3 mile hike out to Galena Falls from the Mount Rose Trailhead.  We were all educated on the backpacks themselves as well as the best fit for our age, size, gender and more!

I’ve actually never hiked out from the Mount Rose Trailhead.  You’ll start at a pretty high elevation of about 8,900 feet and gain about 300 to 400 feet over the duration of the hike.  It’s one of the easier hikes in the Tahoe area.  We started out at the trailhead around 10am with a pretty decent climb with beautiful views of Lake Tahoe.  It’s been quite hot in Tahoe lately, so make sure to bring sunscreen if you go out!  You’ll continue along the trail, passing Tamarack Lake on the right, a small lake where the trail tends to flatten out a bit.  We continued along the rocky trail, until we reached Galena Falls and a cut-off.  If you were to continue to the right you could summit Mount Rose.  We hiked to the top of the falls and ate lunch and had a great educated talk from Bill and Dave.  Enjoy some pictures!

Galena Falls Hike

Galena Falls Hike

Galena Falls Hike

Galena Falls Hike

Galena Falls Hike

Dave and Bill both gave great information, not only about the Deuter Backpacks, but also about Tahoe Mountain Sports.  TMS has a great business model of brick and mortar where they sell online as well as in a physical store in Kings Beach, CA up on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  This allows them to do these types of demos with large amounts of inventory.  We learned how to measure your torso, where the hip belt from the backpack should ride on your side and a great tip from Bill that if you’re on a long backpacking trip / hike, the lightest food that can give you the calories you need is olive oil.  Below are a few more pictures!

Galena Falls Hike

Galena Falls Hike

To get to the Mount Rose Trailhead from South Lake take Highway 50 towards Nevada.  Go through Cave Rock and then make a left onto Highway 28.  Follow 28 up the east shore and make a right onto Highway 431/Mount Rose Highway.  Follow that up and up.  You’ll see the Mount Rose Trailhead with free parking on the left.

If you have yet to participate in one of the Tahoe Mountain Sports demo days, make sure to do so as soon as possible.  They not only put on great events, but the demo products themselves are great!  I need an overnight backpack and because of this event, I now know what to look for in a backpack as well as what will fit my needs.  I’m going to pick my overnight backpack up at TMS this week!  Here is my MyTracks from the hike.  If you have been to a TMS demo event or have hiked from the Mount Rose Trailhead, make a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!


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