Beach Time – Why not Nevada Beach!

Nevada Beach Lake Tahoe

When I first moved to Lake Tahoe, I probably spent most of my time enjoying the sun and sand at Nevada Beach.  Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, there are tons of beaches along the shores of Lake Tahoe, but Nevada Beach was the most convenient for me.  I wasn’t living close to any beaches at that time and it’s pretty much a hop, skip and a jump away from where I work.

The beach is just less than a mile long with beautiful sand and spectacular views of the Sierras.  In the past few years, the beach has really been built up.  They’ve added bathroom facilities, patios for grilling and parties, a bigger parking lot, bike racks and even kayak, pedal boat and SUP rentals.  It’s actually come a long way since I first moved to Tahoe.  The main beach doesn’t allow dogs, but the section closer to the Edgewood Golf Course allows dogs and I take our dog Jillian there sometimes.  It’s also one of the best places to see the 4th of July or Labor Day fireworks, but get there early!  Below are a few pictures of the beach.

Nevada Beach Lake Tahoe

Nevada Beach Lake Tahoe

Nevada Beach Lake Tahoe

I remember one time spending a day on the beach and it was right when I moved to Lake Tahoe.  I didn’t know much about the area and it was a gorgeous day in early May.  I had moved here in February, we had a huge snow in early March and then in May the temperature started to heat up.  I bought lunch from Safeway and went down to the beach.  I had the beach to myself and spent the day there.  I was able to get a picture of myself with the snow-capped Sierras in the background.  I remember specifically posting it to facebook and my friend from back Easts comment, “all of a sudden Bradley Beach, NJ seems like a shithole!”.  I’ll never forget that; what a great day, but little did I know how the weather changes in Tahoe.  The next year it was snowing in June!

Nevada Beach also offers a great campground, The Nevada Beach Campground I’ve never actually camped there myself, but it sits at an elevation of 6,100 feet above sea level, which is basically lake level with dozens of camp sites for tent or RV camping.  Most sites have a lake view and the beach is literally seconds away.  Below are some pictures of the campground.

Nevada Beach Campground

Photo Credit

Nevada Beach Campground

Photo Credit

Nevada Beach Campground Lake Tahoe

The beach has easy access from Highway 50.  You can either park in the small lot across from Kahle Community Center and access the Lam Watah Trail down to the beach or turn onto Elks Point Road going away from the Round Hill Village Shopping Center.  You can either park on the side of the road for free and walk to beach or pay for parking, at $7 per car.  It’s not a far walk from the side of the road, so save a few dollars and get some exercise!

I don’t spend as much time at Nevada Beach anymore because I live closer to Zephyr Beach these days.  However, I definitely get there on lunch runs and spend some time there after work.  Have you ever been to Nevada Beach or camped at the campground?  Make a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!


2 thoughts on “Beach Time – Why not Nevada Beach!

  1. Hi Steven, Great post on Nevada Beach! I have to say that I am not as familiar with the beaches on the South Lake side that I wish I was. I will definitely check this one out – it looks awesome! I also like that there are campgrounds right on the beach and nice facilities which are hard to find. Definitely added to my list for this summer! Thanks for the great info!

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