A fun summer event – The Tahoe Mountain Sports Montrail Trail Running Shoes Demo

Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe held a fun, interactive event this morning.  The idea behind the event was to help runners learn more about trail running from a Montrail representative and the Tahoe Mountain Sports staff.  That was not the only goal however, as it was also held to educate runners on the design of Montrail trail running shoes, what shoes they offer and an opportunity to demo them.

Everyone arrived at Tahoe Mountain Sports at 10am this morning.  Justin, the representative from Montrail , started by explaining the design and differences between the boxes of Montrail trail running shoes he brought.  There were minimalist shoes, hybrids and kicks with more stability.  Some of the models included the FluidFlex, Rogue Fly, Bajada and Masochist.  He along with the Tahoe Mountain Sports staff spent about 10-15 more minutes explaining the difference between road and trail running shoes and what drop means in a running shoe, which basically describes how much higher the heal is than the forefoot.  The shoes Justin brought were all between an 8-10mm drop.

We all tried on the different shoes.  I tried on the FluidFlex and Rogue Fly.  The FluidFlex was quite soft and given the fact we were running on a rocky trail, I decided to go with the Rogue Fly which has a little bit of a harder sole.  We all enjoyed a nice trail run in Kings Beach to demo the shoes.  It was a great way to spend the morning!  I also got some great information on trail running and what trail running shoes Montrail has to offer.  Below are a few pictures from the event!

Montrail Demo Tahoe Mountain Sports

Montrail Shoes

Photo Credit

If you missed this demo, you’re not out of luck!  They are offering two more events like the Montrail Demo this summer.  The next one is a Salomon trail and hiking shoe demo on June 22nd with the third one being Montrail again on August 7th.  Both are at Tahoe Mountain Sports.  If you’re available, I’d suggest making an appearance and learning a little more about trail running while also enjoying a fun trail run in Kings Beach!

What type of trail running shoes do you run in?  Have you had or demoed Montrail shoes in the past?  Leave a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!


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