Eagle Falls and Eagle Lake – Fly high hiking this trail!

Eagle Falls Hike

My last post was about a lake and a waterfall and I might as well keep the trend going.  However, this time you’ll reach the waterfall prior to the lake which was the case for Susie.  Eagle Falls and Lake is a great short hike with some serious elevation gain.  You can gain about 1,200 feet in less than two miles past the falls and lake to reach the ridge overlooking Eagle Lake.  After passing Eagle Falls, you can continue straight to reach the ridge and even further to the Velma Lakes or veer right towards Eagle Lake.  The hike is quite short as I mentioned so you can probably do a round trip to Eagle Lake in less than an hour.  If you have some time to spare however, it’s worth spending it to take in the pristine wilderness.

Eagle Falls HikeI was able to even get this one in after work this past week.  My friend Jeremy, Jillian (the pup) and I got to the Eagle Falls Trailhead just prior to 4:30pm.  Jillian got her University of Nevada – Reno (GO Wolfpack!!) harness situated and we all headed off on the trail.  We first reached the falls where you will cross a bridge over them.  They were rushing pretty good as it’s the perfect time of year right now to catch any waterfall flowing fiercely.  We continued up the broken, rocky trail and made it to the split where you can go right for Eagle Lake or left to reach the ridge and continue towards the Velma Lakes.  Below are a few pictures of Eagle Falls and the first section of the hike.

Eagle Falls Hike

Eagle Falls Hike

Velma Waterfall

Waterfall feeding from Velma Lakes

We decided to pass the lake and catch that on our way down, so we continued up the trail.  It’s pretty much all up, so you’ll get a pretty good workout.  You will reach a section with flat rock ground and at that point you’ve almost reached the top of the ridge.  So, once we got there we took a few pictures of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe as the views are great from this section of the hike.  We continued only a few hundred feet further where you can see another great waterfall.  This must flow from the Velmas, which eventually flows to Eagle Lake, but I’m not sure of the name of the falls, maybe Velma Falls.  We sat, relaxed here for a minute and had a beverage.  When we finished, we packed up and started our way back down.  We stopped at Eagle Lake on the way down and then continued to the trailhead.  Below are a few more pictures.

Eagle Lake Hike

Eagle Lake Hike

Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay

Eagle Lake Hike

Eagle Lake Hike

Eagle Lake

To get to the trailhead, you will want to drive towards the “Y” on Highway 50.  Once you reach the “Y”, make a right and follow Emerald Bay Road or 89.  Continue past Camp Richardson and the Bayview Trailhead.  Emerald Bay will be on your right and Eagle Falls Trailhead is on your left.  You can park in the parking lot, which will cost you $5 or you can park on the side of the road at no cost.  Below shows the sign for trailhead:

Eagle Falls Trailhead

Photo Credit

Eagle Falls and Lake is definitely one of the more popular trails to hike.  It’s important to get out here early if you want  find any available parking.  This really is a beautiful waterfall and lake.  One element that’s really cool about this hike, as really with most other hikes, is that you can continue further to the gorgeous Velma Lakes if you feel the urge.  Here is the My Tracks.  Have you hiked to Eagle Falls, Eagle Lake or even the Velmas?  Leave a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!


4 thoughts on “Eagle Falls and Eagle Lake – Fly high hiking this trail!

  1. This is awesome information for people who are new to the area or who didn’t even know that this hike existed! Thanks! I agree, the waterfall is really awesome, I especially love visiting it in the winter when it looks frozen over. I have hiked to Eagle Falls to watch a sunrise and it was amazing. I have yet to do Eage Lake or the Velmas, but they are next on my to-do list in that area!

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