Caples Lake – Round 2

Caples Lake

I posted an article about Caples Lake a few months back when I went ice fishing.  As a quick refresher, I mentioned a few of my favorite activities, two winter:  ice fishing and snowshoeing and one summer: camping in that post.  Now, it’s just about summer season and time to fish out the rod and reel to do some serious damage, “trout slaying” as they say.  It’s not all about the fishing however, as the peacefulness of being at Caples is unlike any other.  So, let me explain why I think Caples Lake is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the area.

Caples LakeA week or so back, coincidently, the same two guys I went ice fishing with, I went spin fishing with down at Caples Lake, Jeremy and Ryan.  We all got off work and made our way to Caples via South Lake Tahoe towards the evening.  Instead of parking at the spillway or the dam, we turned into the Woods Creek parking lot just prior to reaching a view of Caples on your left.  We made the short hike over the stream that feeds Caples from Woods Lake.  One of us had more trouble crossing than the others.  I won’t name him.  Either way, we settled in and threw our lures in the water.  We had little bit of luck, catching three Rainbow Trout.  We made our way down shore without as much luck, but had a great time anyway!  Here is a short video.  Roll it…

Caples Resort is located between the dam and the spillway off of 88 or Carson Pass Highway.  The resort is currently open for the summer season, with beautiful cabins, bed and breakfast lodging, a restaurant, a convenience store and the marina.  I also mentioned the campground in my previous post, Caples Lake – An outdoor playground.

To recap the statistics on Caples Lake, it’s at an elevation of 7,800 feet.  The lake has a shoreline of 6 miles.  On a sunny day you can see about 10 feet down with the deepest part of the lake at 52 feet.  You can also take boats out on the lake as the marina is next to the resort.  The best luck I’ve had lately at Caples is with silver kastmasters, but worms and powerbait should also work.  The most popular fish to catch are Rainbow and Brook Trout.  For some great tips and current conditions fishing Caples you might want to stop at the Tahoe Fly Fishing shop before going.  This site is also great for hints and tips.  Below are some pictures.

Caples Lake

Caples Lake

Caples Lake

The lake is absolutely gorgeous.  With an elongated shape, the lake has several little rock islands with beautiful snow covered mountains in the background.  These mountains are actually Kirkwood Ski Resort.  Below are a few more pictures from the sunset.

Caples Lake Sunset

Caples Lake Sunset

And by the way the Rainbow Trout I had on the line in the video, I actually did land!  Caples lake is a great place to spend an evening fishing and relaxing.  I would suggest anyone up for a beautiful evening, make the drive over to Caples Lake.  What do you think of Caples Lake?  Leave a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!


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