Keep yourself active in Tahoe with this short trail run!

Lam Watah Trail

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This is a great, short trail run with amazing views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierras when you reach the Nevada Beach Campground.  The trail is named the Lam Watah Trail which was derived from the Washoe Indians and means permanent mortar by the stream.  There’s been construction on the trail as they’ve added a few more paths and paved parts of it.  It’s only about 1.25 miles from the start at Highway 50 to the Nevada Beach, so it totals about 2.5 miles roundtrip.  However, it has the potential to be longer if you wanted to continue through the campground.

I love running this trail, especially if I don’t have much time because it’s short and pretty.  I work very close to the trail so I usually run it at lunch or after my workday.  The trail has great views with some shade and is fairly flat.

It starts across Highway 50 from the Kahle Community Center in Stateline.  It’s also across from Shoreline of Tahoe where you can rent super fun equipment such as bikes in summer or cross country skis in the winter.  I have more information on Shoreline in one of my previous posts, Searching for some outdoor equipment?  Try Shoreline of Tahoe! The trail starts in an open area passing a small pond on your right.  You’ll cross a bridge and run through an open meadow.  The trail then dips into some shade of pines.  Finally, you’ll reach the Nevada Beach Campground and Nevada Beach where you can mosey through the sand or enjoy a quick dip in the lake.  Like I said you can continue through the campground, but I’ll generally turn around here if I’m time constrained.  Below are some pictures.  Hope you enjoy!

Lam Watah Trail

Lam Watah Trail

Lam Watah Trail

Lam Watah Trail

Nevada Beach

Nevada Beach!

If you’re strapped for time, and need to get in some activity, try the Lam Watah Trail run.  It’s also great for just walking or biking!  If you’ve ran, biked or walked this trail leave a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!


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