Cruise through the Power Line Trail in South Lake

The Power Line Trail is a great trail to mountain bike if you’re not looking for anything too technical.  It is a smooth trail with no major hills to climb so you can cruise through.  There are ups and downs however and that makes the trail enjoyable and exciting.  There is one section I’ll discuss below that might test your legs, but it’s not too difficult.  It tends to clear of snow pretty quickly compared to other trails so it can usually be rode earlier in the season.  There are also several side trails along the ride, but the powerline trail is clearly marked, as you can see from the picture below.

Powerline Trail Sign

Photo Credit

I’ve had some great experiences on this trail, but I always will remember one specifically.  The trail is a single track in the beginning so when there are others on the trail it can get a little tight.  It was one of the first mountain biking trips I took when I started mountain biking so I was a little shaky and a bit out of control at this point.  I also had just purchased clip-in pedals.  I remember coming down a hill, at a pretty quick pace, riding into a blind flat section.  There were two bikers going slowly coming towards me.  I tried to slow down and ride to the side of them, but I hit a rock, went flying over my handlebars and landed on my back in some brush.  I did come out unscathed, however.

The trail starts as I mentioned, on a single track.  It flows through pine forest and you continue over two small streams.  Once again, there are multiple trails off the Power Line Trail, but you will signs to continue on the main trail.  You’ll reach what might seem the end of the trail into an open area and you want to continue straight on a rocky road.  You’ll see a sign to go left on a dirt section with several switchbacks.  Follow that direction, but be careful of the motorbikes.  You will follow this down to reach a section with two small climbs and see power lines.  The trail is open and much broader at this point and you will continue under the power lines.  You’ll come to where you can go left or right and you want to continue left up a small climb.  After the climb, you will continue under the power lines in a similar open area.  Follow this for a while you’ll see on your left where the Corral Loop Trail divulges.  From here you can continue straight over a bridge on a rocky road which eventually turns into pavement.  I usually turn around and go back at this point.  Below is a nice photo of the trail.

Powerline Trail

Photo Credit

If you’re looking to add some length to the ride, you can continue into the Corral Loop Trail.  I did this a few times last year and it makes for a long ride that actually can be pretty strenuous, but a great workout.  You can read about the Corral Loop Trail in one of my previous posts, Loop it or lose it sister – Mountain Bike the Corral Loop Trail this summer!.

To access the start of the trail you want make a right onto Saddle Road from Ski Run Blvd going towards Heavenly.  The trailhead will be at the end of the road.  I like to use My Tracks, a phone app, to track my bike rides and hikes.  Below is a view of one of my rides last year.

My Tracks Powerline Trail

The Power Line Trail is a fun summer ride and I definitely would suggest getting out and enjoying it this summer.  I’ll be out there for sure!  If you’ve ridden or even hiked this trail make a comment below!  Also, follow me on twitter @sberei!


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