The Gunbarrel 25 at Heavenly – Do you have legs of steel?

GB25 pin

Photo Credit

So, Heavenly has just been pounding out winter events this year!  The Gunbarrel 25 is a public event that I really need to get my act together and participate in one year.  It is hosted by Glen Plake and the competition is a marathon event where the competitors lap Gunbarrel run at the California Lodge at Heavenly.  The ultimate goal is to make at least 25 runs to receive a GB25 pin.  There is also a prize for the iron man/woman with the most laps.  Whether it is skis, snowboard or any other type of downhill winter equipment, anyone can enter the competition.  The most important factor though, you need legs of steel!

I’ve enjoyed very much going to the event each year.  I did miss last year because I was traveling, but was able to get back this year.  It’s interesting going each year and you can really determine if it was a good winter or a bad one as far as snowfall goes.  I’ve seen some good one’s in the past, but unfortunately this one wasn’t so good.  There were rocks sticking out everywhere.  The competition was moved over to the World Cup side rather than the bottom section of the Gunbarrel run.

Gunbarrel 25

Once again, the event is hosted by Glen Plake.  He is an American freestyle skier who grew up in Lake Tahoe.  Glen is known for several ski movie appearances and cultivating the freesking industry to what it is today.  It was great to see his van this year!  Below is a picture of Glen and the van.

Glen Plake

Glen Plakes van

Photo Credit

I’m setting a goal for myself to compete in the competition next year!  I’ve been saying that since I’ve lived in Tahoe, but next year is my year!  If you’ve been to the competition, competed, plan to compete or might attend in the future make a comment below!  Also follow me on twitter @sberei!


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