Do not pass up this simple, yet beautiful hike – Cascade Lake and Falls

It’s too easy to pass up Cascade Falls hike! The hike is short, at least to the falls, with beautiful views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe a majority of the trail.  You can however continue further if you wanted to.  The falls get fed from Azure Lake and Snow Lake which, if you were to continue on the trail you eventually could reach.  You’ll actually start at the same trailhead as Granite Lake Hike, starting at the Bayview Trailhead at the end of the Bayview Campground near Emerald Bay.  The falls are only 1 mile from the trailhead.

I’ve actually done this hike tons of times.  It’s a great hike to include company from your dog.  My sister has come to visit and we’ve done the hike along with my dad once as well.  If I’m looking for a nice, peaceful and short hike I like to do Cascade Falls.  From the trail you can see the very few houses that sit around the lake.  The falls are a great place to eat lunch and actually considered 1 of the top 10 waterfalls to see in Lake Tahoe according to an article on  If you’re a photographer, you are in photo heaven!  Below are a few pictures of our latest trek.  Enjoy!

Bayview Trailhead

Cascade and Lake Tahoe

Cascade Falls


Cascade Lake

Photo Credit (Jeremy Poulin)

The hike starts out winding in a pine and fir forest.  This is a great place to the let the dog really get some running in.  It’s open and easy to follow.  The trail will start to tighten as you get to more of a rocky section.  It will follow along the side of a rocky mountain with gorgeous views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe.  If it’s spring, you can hear the falls from a great distance as they’re probably rushing from snow runoff.   Once you reach the falls, it becomes a wide open area of rock footing.  When you reach this area, the stream is running ahead of you, the falls to the left and never-ending mountains to your right.  If you were to continue straight and a bit to the right, you can reach Azure Lake and Snow Lake.  Below is a topographical map of the trail.

Cascade Hike Map

Photo Credit

If you do this hike however, I would suggest doing it in spring or late summer to avoid the crowds.  It can get hot and crowded during the summer time.  Still a great hike though!  If you’ve hiked to Cascade Falls or further, make a comment below!  Also follow me on twitter @sberei!


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