Shaun White hosts the High Roller Hold ‘Em Event at Heavenly

HIgh Roller Event

Photo Credit

I have to admit the High Roller Hold ‘Em event hosted by Shaun White was just okay for me.  The atmosphere was amazing as it always is at events in Tahoe or specifically Heavenly, but I didn’t follow the whole event.  The idea made sense, as I think Heavenly was trying to change up the format and make it a bit more exciting.  Each rider was dealt two cards with each card featuring a different trick.  The riders would then bet on the trick of their choice.  The rider that executed and landed the trick with most difficulty won that round and moved on to the next round.

We arrived at the event a few minutes after it started.  We hung in the parking lot for a while and watched from there.  It’s was fun.  You could easily see the riders hitting the jump from where we were which was nice.  After some time we decided to go up to the jump and hang out next to the stage.  The atmosphere as I mentioned before was great.  The poker table was set right below the landing of the jump.  A great perk Heavenly offered that my friends and I took advantage of was that if you were a passholder, you could join the VIP tent for free appetizers and drinks.  Below are some pictures.

High Roller Jump

High Roller

High Roller

I also filmed a short video below:

The event was held on World Cup run at Heavenly Saturday, April 6th.  The jump was designed and constructed by Snow Park Technologies. Some of the riders included in the competition were Mark McMorris, Chas Guldemond, Gjermund Braaten to mention a few.  Chas Guldemond took home the grand prize!

I do like the whole idea of poker adding another element to the big air competition, but my suggestion might be add additional tables to the scene.  This might help the flow of riders making jumps so it’s not so spaced out.  If you made an appearance at the High Roller event @skiheavenly or know of futures events coming up in Tahoe make a comment below!   I’ll be making my way to the Gunbarrel 25 today!  Also follow me on twitter @sberei!


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