Heavenly: U.S. Freestyle Championships!

Freestyle Championships

Going for the Olympics in 2014 Sochi, freestyle skiing is searching for the best skiers in the U.S.  Potentially, the best place to find them is the U.S. Freestyle Championships at Heavenly 2013.  As mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the Freestyle Championships are a spectacle not to be missed.  I didn’t see the aerials in my previous experience at Squaw Valley and while being there in person vs. watching television coverage makes a huge difference.  These guys and girls go absolutely huge.  Personally, my experience has been concentrated towards moguls, but catching the aerials was also an amazing opportunity to watch.

I’ve been lucky enough to live the outdoors in Lake Tahoe.  I enjoy the mountains along with every competition that is next to my front door.  I was able to catch most of the U.S. Freestyle Championships held on Gunbarrel ski run. This popular run also hosts the Gunbarrel 25 in late March/April, that is legendary to Glen Plake and requires legs of steel.  Gunbarrel is one of my favorite bump runs.  The Freestyle event consists of single moguls, dual moguls and aerials.  Each heat is just as exciting as the other.  Below are some pictures.  Hope you enjoy!!!

US Freestyle Course

Single Moguls

Single Moguls

Dual Moguls



Heavenly Tram

Heavenly Stage

Photo Credit (Jeremy Poulin)

From above you may ask, how is the competition judged?  Single moguls are scored slightly differently than dual moguls.  Single moguls is based on turns, jumps and speed not necessarily equally based.  The dual moguls is a bit different in that speed tends to get more attention than the other two judging criteria.  That honestly may be why I think it edges out the single moguls in excitement.  Finally, the aerials are judged on a score based on jump takeoff 20%, jump form 50% and landing 30%. The degree of difficulty or DD is also factored in for a total score.

I was super excited to catch the event @skiheavenly and enjoyed it as usual.  If you were able to catch the event, make a comment below, as I know it’s been a few days.  Or, if you might catch the High Roller event this weekend make a comment, as I’ll be shooting out a blog about that as well.  Keep the events coming Heavenly!!  Also follow me on twitter @sberei!


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