Searching for some outdoor equipment? Try Shoreline of Tahoe!

Shoreline of Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe surely does not have a shortage of outdoor stores in the area.  However, one I feel really excels is Shoreline of Tahoe.  They have three locations on the south shore of Lake Tahoe.  They carry winter and summer equipment and products.  I’ve dealt with shoreline many times and it’s been a great learning, as well as customer experience for me.

My latest experience at Shoreline was with Ryan who helped me find Smith I/O goggles.  Feel free to read up on them in one of my previous blogs, They don’t just look cool! Smith I/O Goggles.  I’ve also worked with Doug, who skis for 4FRNT and assisted me in finding a pair of great ski bindings along with Shawn who is also extremely helpful.  I’ve never had problems with the staff as I can’t imagine one of them not being helpful or knowledgeable on their products.

As mentioned above, Shoreline has three different conveniently located stores on the south shore of Lake Tahoe.  Their main and largest store is located at the bottom of Kingsbury Grade next to Mott Canyon across from Kingsbury Hardware.  They have another great location which they just opened across the street from the trailhead down to the beach at Kahle.  Finally, there last location is a small store in the Heavenly Village next to the Gondola.  You honestly cannot beat any of those locations!!

Shoreline Location

Kingsbury Location

When it comes to products, Shoreline carries it all.  In the winter, they have skis, poles, boots and snowboards to name a few with popular brands such as Line, Burton and Full Tilt.  In the summer they carry all types of bikes and skateboards that include brands such as Jamis and Never Summer.  They also provide a wealth of clothing, hats, backpacks and other great outdoor accessories.  Below is a quick walk-through of their store on Kingsbury.  Enjoy!

At all three locations, Shoreline provides rentals and repair shops.  More specifically they offer bike, downhill or cross country ski and snowboard rentals.  They also offer sled and snowshoe rentals as well for anyone interested in those activities.

Shoreline is currently having a winter blowout sale, so I’d suggest getting yourself in there before it’s over!  They also have a blog here.  If you’ve had an experience at Shoreline of Tahoe or need some equipment make a comment below.  Also follow me on twitter @sberei.


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