They don’t just look cool! Smith I/O Goggles


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Smith is one of leading brands in snow goggles.  They currently offer five models with several different lens options.  There are so many brands of goggles on the market today that it’s tough to determine which pair might be the best for you.  I’m a big advocate that goggles need to fit your face to be comfortable and not all goggles work for everyone, but there are many features of a pair of goggles that I believe are important and helpful on the mountain.

Smith MeI previously owned Oakley A Frames.  I had them for several years with no problems, and I think they are a great goggle.  Like I mentioned, there are several brands and models of snow goggles on the market that are great.  However, I recently purchased the Smith I/O.  I believe they have a few features that set them above other goggles I’ve owned or tested.  When I bought them, they came with a nice protective goggle bag and an extra lens.

Features included in Smith goggles are an easy lens removal (I/O model), tapered lens technology, fog-free vision, a back strap clip and several lens options.  With just two flips of the top switches you can remove the lens and add another one.  The tapered lens technology straightens incoming light towards your eye to allow for 100% accuracy and eye comfort.  Smith has a patented thermal lens barrier to avoid fog in the lens.  They also provide a back strap clip to ease the use of putting on the goggles.  Finally, they offer nine polarized and mirrored lenses along with three non-mirrored lenses for all types of weather conditions.

Goggles are goggles right, so there’s really not much room for one brand to surpass another brand.  With that said two features I think might set the Smith I/O above other brands and models are the easy lens removal and the back strap clip.  Most other brands probably have a tapered lens, fog-free lenses along with different lenses for varying weather conditions.  The easy lens removal is so unbelievably simple.  You just need to flip the top switches, pop out the lens and replace it with the new one.  The back strap is a simple feature, but I think it’s much easier to put them on because you clip the strap in the back rather than having to put them over your head.  In the past I’ve found my hat sliding up and down my head or it just being in inconvenience to get them over my helmet.  It’s just easier to put them on.

Smith Frame Removal

Lens Removal

Back Strap

Back Strap Clip

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Smith now offers a new model of the I/O called the I/O Recon.  This is really great technology because it includes real time data.  Within the goggles are calculated metrics such as speed, altitude, vertical and a few more.  I haven’t tried them myself, but check them out here.

Smith I-O Recon

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Goggles are definitely an important piece of equipment when I’m on the mountain.  Hope you found the above informative of a great brand of goggles.  I really enjoy the Smith I/O.  If you have Smiths or have suggestions on other snow goggles you use/have tested make a comment below!  Also follow me on twitter @sberei.


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