4FRNT delivers a great ski

Have you ever been searching for that perfect all mountain ski that floats in the powder, busts through the crud, slips through the bumps and turns nice on the groomers?  4FRNT is a company that can deliver.  They have several models of skis, of which I currently own one.  I’ve had to opportunity to demo multiple 4FRNT models, and I currently ride the EHPs.  While they are now discontinued, the HOJIs are an equal replacement.



4FRNT Models

About two years ago, my buddy from college introduced me to a pro skier riding for 4FRNT.  After a great dump, we hit some serious, untouched powder in Snowbird, UT.  In a group of about eight, no idea where we were going, what an epic experience!  With his guidance, we navigated terrain that surpassed all of our expectations.  As he credited 4FRNT, I decided to buy a pair of EHPs, while my buddy went with the Renegades.

No complaints there!  The EHP, now the HOJIs are a great ski.  The EHP is a stable, versatile ski.  It provides float in the powder while still utilizing speed with plenty of forgiveness on other surfaces.  If you somehow find an older pair of the EHPs, why not buy them, you’ll probably be able to get a great ski for cheap.  Otherwise, the HOJIs, as a newer model are also a great ski and some might consider better.  Here’s a review on them.   Unfortunately, my only luck locating the 4FRNT brand in the Tahoe area is in Reno at Reno Mountain Sports.

EHP Dimensions:

EHP sizes

HOJI Dimensions:

Hoji Dimensions

There are some great skis out there, but from my experience 4FRNT has always delivered in all conditions and surfaces.  For a great price with minimal market exposure, 4FRNT is an exceptional way to go.  Get out there and demo a pair!  Also, check out their team blog!  What’s your experience with 4FRNT?  If you have any comments on 4FRNT, leave them below!  Also follow me on Twitter @sberei!


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