What type of terrain do you like? Heavenly has it all!

Lake Tahoe has one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world in Heavenly. There is only one ski resort in the nation you can explore multiple states at the same resort. Heavenly is it, in Nevada and California. It is a massive mountain with 4,800 acres of skiable terrain and 97 trails. Heavenly offers viable options for any type of skier ranging from great flat, corduroy cruisers to steep, thin chutes in Mott and Killebrew Canyon.

If you like deep powder and trees you’ll definitely want to slip through the gate by the top of Olympic Chair or the top of the Gondola. Here you can access Firebreak. About two months ago, mid-December, we had some great snow dump in Tahoe. My sister, Cathy came out to visit and she got her first stashes on Firebreak. It’s a massive run where you can pick and choose your way down. The top can be pretty steep and a little tighter through the trees, but it opens up a bit towards the bottom. As you come towards the end of your run, you want to head towards the Heavenly Village. The best part is, on a sunny day which you’ll have about 274 days out of the year in Tahoe, you can see the Village your whole way down. If you make a trip to Heavenly and there’s been a recent dump, do not hesitate to float down Firebreak for a run or two.

My sister Cathy at the top of Firebreak

Cathy at the top of Firebreak

If you’re a bump fanatic, Gunbarrel is the perfect run. It’s by far one of my favorite mogul runs at Heavenly. You can hop onto the Gunbarrel Express Chair or ride the Heavenly Tram on the California side. It holds the popular event, The Gunbarrel 25. The event is hosted by Glen Plake and most importantly requires legs of steel.


The “Y”
The “Y” is a great chute in Mott Canyon. Take up the Sky Express Chair from the California side, Dipper Chair in Nevada or if you’re already in Mott Canyon, jump on and ride back up. You can access The “Y” from Gates 1 or 2 in Mott. To drop in, either point and go through a thin section or hop off of a rock. The chute opens up towards the bottom, but is steep and as usual an adrenaline rush as you make your way down.

The Y

Ripping The “Y”

Ridge Run
Maybe you’re up for a cruiser with great views of Lake Tahoe. Well, Ridge Run supplies both of these for you. It’s a cruiser with great corduroy snow. The run hugs the boundary of Heavenly on the California side. You can access the run by the Sky Express Chair or Canyon Express Chair. The views of the lake are spectacular and you won’t see anything more picturesque sailing down Ridge Run.

Ridge Run

Heavenly really does offer the whole package and if you’re in Tahoe in the winter, visiting Heavenly is a no brainer. What are your favorite runs at Heavenly? Leave a comment if have a favorite run, want to tell an epic story about the mountain or have any questions about Heavenly.


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